About Us

Team Media Holdings Ltd was hatched to bring together great talents in the fields of production of; signage and equipment, facilities management, trending producers of (video, audio, graphics, animation) adverts, cyber fanatics i.e Web designers and developers, etc

Our Work Scope

Our services are designed to pick your brand straight from your idea to start business.

This includes:

  • Branding office premises and maintaining it to suite the recommended work environment.

  • Branding vehicles, labeling property, making signage

  • Web development and designs

  • Video (TV, Social media, You tube) and audio adverts (Radio, Podcasts)

  • Promotional products

  • Social media influencial and informative adverts.


We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, and thus have systems that ensure that each job passes a number of stringent quality tests before it is shipped to our clients.

The satisfaction of our clients is our priority. We ensure that all of our staff, whether it is our graphic designers or our printing technicians, are knowledgable and are readily available to answer any queries our clients may have.

As the largest printing company in Uganda, our facilities and efficient processes enable us to offer high quality finished products at competitive prices.

With over 30 years of experience we can assure our clients that we will be able to do any job, regardless of the quantity or complexity, whilst ensuring the highest quality.

You can find all the necessary items to effectively brand your organization, from business stationary to billboard advertising.


To provide timely environmentally friendly signage and advertisement option in line with the ever dynamic technological dispensation at a reasonable cost.


To be the leading outdoor, indoor, web advertisers and competent facility managers in the EAC within 10 years.


Throughout all undertakings, the company emphasizes:

Strict quality | Fast and careful work based on facts. | Professionalism. | Knowledge and experience.

"Indoor and Outdoor Advertisers, Facility Managers & Web experts"