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3D Signs

Our Advertising Industry is rapidly changing with most businesses preferring to have business names in 3-Dimension (3D).

These signs have 2 options; Lit and Non Lit 3D signs.

At team media, we provide beautiful options for these signs with a special 3D light effect for clients who prefer active 3D signs.

2D Signs

We provide options for 2D signs/lettering using wood, Acrylic, Mild Steel, ACP, Foam Board, among other materials of various thicknesses.

Billboard Fabrication & Installation

Billboards are high-end Advertising options that are in itself a landmark. We are known for fabricating very stable billboard structures that lasts the test of time.

Light Boxes

Your signs should advertise you during day and especially night. You can as well tap some business from night economy

Pylon Signs

Thinking of a structure like sign? Capable of lighting or not, try the pylon signs

Plate Signs

Ordinary signs like plate signs are durable and cheap. It’s a great choice if you are interested in cost friendly options.

Neon Signs

Our beautiful neon signs provide a new feel in your enterprise, try it

Stretched Flex

Have you got a startup business? Are you planning on going by improving visibility in your area? Let us suggest to you a stretched flex/banner. With attractive designs, a stretched banner is the only pocket friendly option for startups and offsite advertising.

Road Signs

We make road signs using Composite Panel, Hot dipped Galvanized sheet, and Glass reinforced plastic, with artworks on high intensity Prismatic sheeting also known as Engineering grade Self Adhesive vinyl that conforms to ASTM(A) D4956 standard.

a) Temporary Signs

These are printed on engineering grade self-adhesive vinyl or Reflective Honeycomb vinyl depending on the client’s budget.

b) Permanent Road Signs

Our permanent road signs are capable of more than 10 years longevity, manufactured to the specifications of Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA)

Safety Signs

Your workplace, site or warehouse should be free from danger. Remind everyone about their safety day and night using our durable reflective signs.


Don’t get people mixed up or puzzled in your building or workplace, label everything to relieve yourself from showing people around

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TIN No: 1015291033

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