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3D signs – The Trend

 Often referred to as dimensional signage, 3D signs add a sense of depth to visual communications for your business. The result? Even indoors, the shape and shading of 3D signs and lettering catches the eye in ways that flat, two-dimensional graphics simply can’t match. 

You can trust the creative team at Team Media to design and produce custom 3D signs for both indoor and outdoor use. See your branding explore new depths and let your products and services attract more attention with a 3D display. 

What are 3D signs used for? 

Both inside and outside, dimensional lettering and signs are a great choice. 

Indoors, consider positioning your company logo as a 3D sign above entrances or in lobby and reception areas for a dramatic impact. You can easily extend the dimensional look down hallways and into conference rooms as well to create consistency and professionalism throughout your building. 

Outside, your company logo/name/tagline can be made into a 3D sign to be mounted on walls or other facades. If you operate a restaurant or retail store, incorporating dimensional lettering is an easy way to stand out from surrounding competition. You can also incorporate 3D lettering into other types of signs, such as monument or site signs, for an added visual impact. 

What materials can be used for 3D signs? 

3D signs from Image360 can be made in a variety of materials, including: 






High Density Urethane Foam (HDU) 

Metal Laminate 

Plastic Laminate 


Stainless Steel 


Depending on what sort of industry you work in, you may want to choose different materials for your signs. Metal and acrylic look sleek and modern, while wood has a 

more rustic vibe to it. If you’re unsure about what materials you want, don’t worry – the design professionals at Team Media are happy to assess your branding and make suggestions based on your needs. 

You can also easily incorporate lighting, with backlighting and other illumination options. Remember, a well-lit sign better captures attention of passers-by throughout the evening. Even indoors, added lighting can impart a professional, sophisticated look to your lobby or reception area. 

When you’re ready to get started on 3D signs or dimensional lettering for your facility, contact Team Media at +256(0)775431570 for free consultation. 

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